A glass of Black Walnut Old Fashioned cocktail at Simone on Sunset, featuring Angel's Envy Bourbon, black walnut liqueur, turbinado sugar, and Angostura and mole bitters, garnished with a hint of smoked cinnamon.


Introducing the Black Walnut Old Fashioned at Simone on Sunset—a masterfully crafted cocktail that harmoniously blends rich flavors and aromas. This sophisticated drink features Angel’s Envy Bourbon, known for its smooth and refined character, perfectly complemented by the nutty depth of black walnut liqueur. The addition of turbinado sugar adds a touch of sweetness, while Angostura and mole bitters provide a complex and aromatic balance. To elevate the experience, the cocktail is finished with a hint of smoked cinnamon, creating a warm, inviting aroma that enhances each sip. Indulge in this exquisite Old Fashioned, a true testament to craftsmanship and elegance.