"Elena's Gin & Tonic at Simone on Sunset, a craft cocktail in Houston, TX, featuring Empress Gin, Creme de Violette, Elderflower Tonic, rosemary smoke, and lemon oils."


Elena’s Gin & Tonic is a signature craft cocktail served at Simone on Sunset, a charming cocktail bar nestled in Houston, TX. This exquisite drink is a harmonious blend of Empress Gin, known for its vibrant indigo hue and botanical richness, and Creme de Violette, which adds a delicate floral note. The cocktail is further elevated with Elderflower Tonic, imparting a subtle sweetness and aromatic complexity. The finishing touches include a wisp of rosemary smoke, infusing a captivating earthy aroma, and a spritz of lemon oils, which provides a refreshing citrus zest. Elena’s Gin & Tonic is a beautifully balanced, aromatic cocktail that delights the senses and offers a truly unique drinking experience.