Indulge in the vibrant and zesty Spicy Paloma, a signature craft cocktail at Simone on Sunset. This tantalizing drink is expertly crafted with Tequila Blanco and fresh grapefruit juice, delivering a refreshing citrus punch. The Rio Red grapefruit cordial syrup and simple syrup add a perfect balance of sweetness, while fresh lime juice provides a […]


"Vodkadora cocktail at Simone on Sunset, featuring Reyka Vodka, fresh raspberries, zesty lime, ginger beer, and a hint of rose water, elegantly presented in a glass with vibrant colors."

The Vodkadora at Simone on Sunset is a crafted cocktail that perfectly balances elegance and refreshment. This delightful drink features Reyka Vodka, known for its smooth and clean profile, combined with fresh raspberries for a burst of fruity sweetness. A squeeze of zesty lime adds a bright, tangy note, while ginger beer introduces a spicy, […]


The Aperol Spritz at Simone on Sunset is a refreshing craft cocktail that captures the essence of a perfect summer day. This vibrant drink is expertly crafted with Aperol, a popular Italian aperitif known for its bittersweet orange flavor. The Aperol is beautifully balanced with sparkling wine, adding a touch of elegance and effervescence. A […]


The Eastside at Simone on Sunset is a refreshing cocktail featuring Ford’s Gin as its base spirit, enhanced by the crispness of fresh cucumber and the coolness of mint. A splash of lime juice adds a zesty tang, while a hint of sugar balances the flavors, creating a delightful and invigorating drink perfect for any […]